Welcome to the new avataar of Anyarchitect

Anyarchitect.org is a site that looks at architecture without personalities of architecture coming in the way. Most, if not all, of the content is generated using a process known as the delphi method.

After having being mercilessly hacked by spammers, we had no choice but to revamp anyarchitect. This site is now hosted courtesy the nice people at wikidot.com The conditions for enrolment are the same as before. However, now the format is different: It is a wiki!

A wiki allows cooperative editing of almost anything you see here. The principles remain the same: Anonymous, document focused generation of knowledge in architecture using the delphi method.

The seminal document that defines the mission of this site is still available here

We have preserved the contents and most of the useful comments from the earlier site. But it may take a while for those to reappear here.

If you are interested in this anyarchitect.org project then please get yourself an account at wikidot.org and jump right in. Invite your friends too. Unfortunately, those who had membership in the earlier version of this site will also have to register once again. We'll be sending out emails individually to them requesting them to register.

If you are just reading the contents here, our old website address http://www.anyarchitect.org will bring you here

If you are creating and/or editing contents here, you would need to login through http://anyarchitect.wikidot.com

Have fun. Be nice.


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