Editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines:

  1. The no-nonsense terms and conditions that were laid out during registration must strictly be followed at all time. Those violating those simple conditions would be removed from this website.
  2. All submitted work shall be put up almost immediately after going through a simple round of elimination by the webmaster (for removing out of context work). As far as possible, explanation for the rejection of submitted work will be given to the member.
  3. Submitted work must be original content. Extensive quotes from other websites/documents will not be allowed. Non-trivial reviews of content available on other websites would be welcome. (Once again, such reviews should not contain extensive quotes from the original material.)
  4. The site will welcome works of fiction (short-stories) to be put up by the members. Works of fiction can only be edited by the original author. Currently the only area where this can be done will be the blogs section for an individual member. This may be improved upon later.
  5. In case the work is to be copyrighted by the particpant, it is strongly recommended that a copy of the submitted work should be timestamped by an outside neutral service and returned back to the member as a proof of generation of intellectual property BEFORE it is submitted to this website. This timestamp can be used to prove authorship in case of copyright violations.
  6. Any person can take multiple accounts, under different pseudonyms provided the person has a different email address for each account. This is mainly for the reason that the technology used on this website (I dare say, in any website nowadays) cannot really prevent it. The hidden danger is that this liberty could theoretically allow coteries to be formed from within the members. Therefore, mutual complimenting of one another should be avoided as far as possible. Let the work speak for itself. A rating system for submissions is being worked upon, and that could be a better way to show what the community as a whole thinks of any submission.
  7. Comments from the general unregistered visitor will also be entertained (if so permitted by the WikiDot architecture), but they will be credited to a person known as "Anonymous" and they may be edited or removed by the webmaster/reviewers from time to time.
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